Notes on Blindness Film


Award-winning virtual reality experience in cinemas nationwide

An innovative virtual reality companion project to the acclaimed documentary Notes on Blindness is touring cinemas nationwide alongside a series of previews of the film.

Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness allows audiences to access John Hull’s world of blindness in an exploratory, user-led experience. The VR piece draws upon John’s sensory meditations of blindness, in particular the awakening of his appreciation of ‘acoustic space’. Guided by narration from his original audio diaries, the experience uses binaural sound tethered to real-time 3D visualisation, to map environments built up through multi-layered patterns of sound. The project will be released alongside the theatrical release of the feature film on Samsung Gear.

The feature film and the VR project are designed as standalone but complimentary productions that hope to enhance and deepen the audience’s understanding of John Hull’s life and experience of blindness.


PLAYING NOW, in NYC, at Jump Into The Light.  CLICK HERE for more info.